Welcome to the online press room for The Rental Show.  The American Rental Association maintains this press room to include news releases, photographs, videos and other digital assets regarding ARA, The Rental Show and its exhibitors.

If you have any questions or request an opportunity to speak with a representative from ARA or an exhibitor, contact the pressroom administrators by phone, personal email address (found in the column to the left) or by using the Contact Form on this website.


For Exhibitors
Exhibitors are encouraged to upload news releases, media advisories, photographs, videos, artwork and other digital assets that can be distributed to the media.  For submission guidelines and access to a registration form, visit our Exhibitor Information page.


For The Media
This site provides the media with up-to-date information about The Rental Show and its exhibitors.

  • Show Registration
    Thinking about attending The Rental Show?  Complimentary registration is available for editorial members of the rental trade press or other members of the media who cover the rental industry.  Verification of working press status can be provided by completing our online credentials application.
  • News During the Show
    During the Show, the media is encouraged to stop by the on-site pressroom or visit website as it’s updated daily to showcase new product announcements, industry awards, presentations of important papers, etc.  Looking for news on a specific exhibitor? Enter their name in the search box and we’ll provide any news releases and product announcements they may have submitted for the upcoming show. Need to find them at the show? Use this online database of exhibitors to find their booth number.
  • Press Conferences and Product Demonstrations
    Every exhibitor has an opportunity to reserve time to make their big news at The Rental Show this February. A list of scheduled press events (presentations, demonstrations, etc.) will be sent to members of the media one month in advance of the show and then again the week before.Looking for something in particular? You can find individual announcements from exhibitors by using either the Search Box (search by manufacturer name or item keyword) or the Subject/Exhibitor drop down menu (look for the category of product first, then the manufacturer). Both search tools can be found in the right-hand column of this site.