TopTec’s Tent School Gets a Face Lift

For more than 20 years, TopTec Event Tents has hosted Tent School, the event rental industry’s longest running tent installation and safety training program, at the manufacturer’s South Carolina facility. In January, the company announced a change to the training program and schedule with plans to take Tent School on the road. TopTec also announced they will be launching a customized Tent School option for dealers seeking help with a specific area or product line.

“Tent School is one of the most anticipated events of the season. It’s something our entire staff looks forward to each year and training that our dealers begin asking about months in advance,” said Bryan Bolt, lead instructor and sales manager for TopTec.

Tent School’s training programs were developed to ensure the safety of guests at any tented event including weddings, festivals and corporate meetings. Event rental professionals from across America historically attend the on-site series of classes to learn the latest event safety techniques and best practices for the tent rental industry. Class size is limited to ensure attention to detail and proper techniques are followed by all attendees.

According to Bolt, Tent School focuses on proper tent installation, not just for TopTec’s product lines but for any style of frame, pole or tension tent.

“Proper installation and safety basics are the same for virtually every kind of tent installation,” said Bolt. “Tent School is designed to give every attendee access to the experts with an emphasis on hands-on experience to ensure they understand the principles of tent safety and proper tent installation and to shorten the learning curve.”

The first Tent School On the Road session will be held at Rent-E-Quip in Colonial Heights, VA on March 7-8, 2017. Attendees will receive the same level of instruction from industry experts as Tent School’s on-site training offered. A second Tent School On-The-Road session is already scheduled at Mahaffey Tent and Event Rentals in Memphis, TN for July 18-19, 2017.

“Rent E-Quip is a long-time TopTec customer and a perfect location to bring our first on-the-road Tent School to the event professionals in this region,” said Bolt. “Likewise, Mahaffey is a very well respected fixture in the event rental industry. We could not be more excited about partnering with these two outstanding organizations for Tent School On The Road.”

Expanding Tent School to offer training specific to a dealer’s individual needs was the natural next step, said Bolt. “Sometimes your crew needs a refresher on just one area; or they may need support on the first installation of a new tent that you’ve added to the rotation. That’s why Tent School’s customized program was developed – to focus on very specific, even the niche needs, of our clients.”

Dealers requesting Tent School custom training can expect a targeted program designed to boost team confidence and ability.

Bolt said that the company still plans to host Tent School on-site at their S.C. manufacturing facility every other year so that dealers can choose the training option best suited for their team and schedule.

Training for Tent School On the Road and On Site includes:
• Disaster reaction training
• Emergency planning
• Advanced staking and anchoring techniques
• Current tent installation best practices

“Safety is one of our top priorities for any event we service,” said Warren Darby, Rent E-Quip’s owner. “Having a national manufacturer like TopTec understand the importance of this and actually develop and lead a training program on tent safety, just shows their commitment to the event rental industry.”

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