MBW, Inc’s NEW LOW VIBE Walk Behind Power Trowel

Low Vibration handle is Multi Axis shock mounted to reduce operator fatigue. Patent Pending.

Low guard ring allows easy blade changes and comes standard with edger.

No tools adjustable handle to locate handle to operators comfort zone.

Long operating handle provides excellent leverage with a fully enclosed safety switch.

One piece worm shaft is precision machined from solid stock. Bearing journals are precision ground for proper fit and preservation of internal bearing tolerances.

Long hex arm to blade mating surface is precision milled for near perfect blade alignment, reducing flex and providing longer life of the blades.

Self-lubricating Teflon lined steel bearing inserts are 20,000 psi shock and wear resistant for maintaining alignment. No metal on metal. Simple replacement.

Heavy cast engagement yoke with wider and longer construction ease in blade adjustment. No wear points for the adjustment cable increases life and reduces replacement costs.

Pressure plate utilizes greasable thrust bearing and does not require disassemble of unit for service. MBW pressure plate has fewer parts than the competition reducing parts stock and failures.

Spider high hub engages more surface contact with main shaft to reduce vibration.

Same heavy duty gear box and spider for all 36 and 46 inch models to reduce parts stock.

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