Kubota Engine America Approves 750 Hour Oil Change Interval

Lincolnshire, Illinois – Kubota Engine America Corp. has approved a 750 hour oil change interval for all of its engines used in light tower applications with typical load and duty cycles. The 750 hour oil interval approval applies to the following engine models:
• D1005-E4BG: 8.7 kW @ 1800 RPM
• D1105-E4BG: 10.1 kW @ 1800 RPM

Kubota updated its intervals in an effort to help its light tower customers reduce operating expenses. Furthermore, after carefully reviewing test results from supplied application conditions, endurance testing and oil quality testing. Based on its in-depth oil analysis, Kubota found its engines are capable of reliably operating under the new interval, and approved the 750-hour oil and filter change.

The increased oil and filter change interval is supported by Kubota’s Engine Warranty, as long as the engine has undergone proper maintenance and has supporting documentation. For more information on Kubota parts, products and warranties, visit: http://www.kubotaengine.com/.

Kubota Engine America (KEA) started as an engine division of Kubota Tractor Corporation in 1982. The Engine Division was dedicated to the sales and reinforcement of technical support of the expanding industrial diesel engine market in the United States. Kubota Corporation and KEA pioneered the compact, high-density diesel market as an alternative to small gasoline engines. In response to the continued rise in diesel engine demand in the US market, KEA was formed as an independent company and a subsidiary of Kubota Corporation and is headquartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Kubota is the world’s leading manufacturer of both compact diesel and gasoline engines, for industrial, agricultural, construction and generator applications. The company has built an extensive engine and generator distribution network with more than 800 dealers in North America, South America and the Caribbean to support its customer base. Kubota prides itself on its track record for reliability and engineering that fulfills its “For Earth, For Life” philosophy.

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