Don’t Get Framed. Insist on Utility Vehicles with Rustproof Aluminum Frames.

Buying a fleet of utility vehicles for your rental house is a major investment. So you’ll want durable vehicles that provide years of service. Unfortunately, many utility vehicles used on construction and industrial sites experience early damage due to water, chemicals, fertilizers and other environmental factors. That’s because they have steel frames that tend to rust.

But you can avoid this by purchasing utility vehicles that are built on aluminum frames, like Club Car’s Carryall® utility vehicles. Their rustproof, corrosion-resistant 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum frames withstand water, fertilizer and lawn chemicals. And their I-beam construction allows them to resist impact better than steel frames.

The aluminum frames also make Carryall utility vehicles significantly lighter than competitive vehicles, so they extend the range on electric models and reduce turf compaction.

The Truth About Steel Frames

Most utility vehicles are built on heavy steel frames. Manufacturers of these vehicles often position that as a strength. In truth, steel frames are subject to rust in wet, corrosive environments.

This is true even of steel frames that have been powder coated to “prevent rust”. That’s because the coating may easily scratch and the underside of the frame may not be coated. Rust may get a foothold, spread and devalue your investment.

Don’t get framed. Demand Club Car Carryall utility vehicles.

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