The Light Solution: Southwire Task Lighting Provides the Power Needed

Southwire’s task lights provide jobsites with the lighting needed to get the job done. Southwire’s halogen work lights can keep a 10 foot by 10 foot surface illuminated for up to 2,000 hours of average bulb life, helping complete installations in less time and with better visibility. Whether painting, hanging drywall or installing electrical wire, these fixtures provide the power needed.

“The L14SLEDSW is one of Southwire’s most popular work lights. It provides more than enough light for most jobs and is a great value in terms of its lumens per dollar,” explains lighting Product Manager, Lance Thompson.

Southwire’s L14SLEDSW is a 1,000 Watt Halogen Twin Head Tripod Work Light that can be maneuvered to fit various needs. This work light tripod has a 68” tall telescoping capability, and provides a detachable sled base. This one fixture has two 8,000-lumen bulbs, is UL/CUL listed and can be manipulated to work in numerous areas, maximizing the value of this light source. The L14SLEDSW is made completely of metal, ensuring that it will survive in harsh jobsite environments.

The L14SLEDSW’s dual lights can be used on the tripod or the floor with use of the sled base, ensuring that high and low areas can be illuminated when needed. Each head can be turned and tilted to get the light where you want it. There are two weatherproof on/off switches, helping to provide longer life regardless of the conditions. This fixture maximizes space with a tube specifically for extra bulb storage, so your workforce can focus on materials needed for the job.

The portable design of this Twin Head Tripod Work Light makes it ideal for your workforce. Southwire’s task lighting is known for its dependability and durability, and they take this a step further with the convenience value that is accompanied with Southwire’s L14SLEDSW.

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