Southwire’s Maxis® XD10 Extreme Duty Puller Withstands Heavy Loads with Maximum Output

Over the past decade, Southwire has focused on creating innovative products to help electricians work safer and more efficiently. Electricians have come to find a high level of quality from Southwire’s Maxis® XD10 Extreme Duty Puller, which is an American-made product, built to handle even the most extreme pulling conditions up to 10,000 pounds of rope tension.

“With improved safety and performance, the Maxis XD10 is truly the best in its class in the cable pulling category,” says Tim Bardin, Product Director of Equipment Products. By creating tools with safety at the forefront, Southwire has been able to exceed the expectations of new demands for safer and more productive installations.

Southwire has specifically designed the XD10 to develop an innovative and more ergonomic experience for its users. With the XD10’s capstan design, the amount of exertion needed on the rope by the operator is minimized. As well, the gear-reduced hand crank is able to articulate the pivoting motion of the puller, which reduces the need for excessive lifting during the set-up process. This can help to keep workers safe and feeling less fatigued when making cable pulls.

The XD10 was designed with durability in mind, being able to withstand heavy loads with maximum output. For example, on low speed, the puller is able to handle a maximum continuous load of 7,000 pounds at 8 fpm, with peak performance up to 10,000 pounds. At high speed, the XD10 can pull 2,000 pounds at 21 fpm with peak performance of up to 4,000 pounds.

Southwire is proud to continue its legacy of designing the highest quality products for the market. Southwire is driven to manufacture products made with the electrician’s productivity and safety in mind, and extends this with the unparalleled quality of the XD10 Extreme Duty Puller.

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