Southwire Royal® Premium Outdoor Extension Cord: The Cord That Can Take The Heat

Southwire offers a wide variety of cords for the professional contractor including specialty cords that are designed for extreme conditions. The Royal® Premium Outdoor Extension Cord has a uniquely formulated rubber-jacketed exterior that provides superior resistance in both high and low temperature environments, without losing any of the chemical, oil and abrasion resistance that’s made our professional cords a must have on today’s jobsites.

“The resistance to sparks and welding slag is central to why this cord offers superior performance. Vinyl-jacketed cords, for example, offer abrasion protection, but offer little protection from sparks and welding slag which are common at industrial jobsites, but the Royal Premium Outdoor Extension Cord does,” says Tyler McQueen, product manager. “Particularly in harsh environments, regular cords don’t last, costing you time and money, but this cord will not disappoint you because it’s been designed to perform under these conditions. Once you try the Royal Premium -rubber jacketed extension cord you’ll wonder how you worked without it.”

Southwire is driven to manufacturing products that give you total project solutions no matter what stage of the project cycle you are in. Southwire’s Royal Premium Outdoor Extension Cord delivers unparalleled value and performance that you can count on job after job.

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