Secure Your Livelihood™ with Southwire’s Job Boxes

Southwire’s job boxes were manufactured with the needs of electricians in mind. Offering seven models of boxes, we can truly meet the demands of the contractor. Our product managers understand the pain points many electricians experience, and have modeled our box line to resolve these issues.

Material Storage plays a major role in the field. With a Field Office, three styles of Piano Boxes, Compact Chest, 2-Door Cabinet and the Bi-fold Cabinet, Southwire has a solution for every jobsite. With a durable powder-coat finish, we bring superior protection and corrosion resistance. Our box line offers 7 gauge caster ready, four way skids for premiere mobility. With a recessed lock housing and a one-time lock installation, there are no more lost locks and unsecured boxes.

“We didn’t invent job boxes, they’ve been around forever. We just feel that our product has better features than any other box that is on the market today,” Says product manager Tanner Hansen. “If we can provide space to store your tools and we can make it easier to secure your tools, then you can leave the site knowing your tools will still be there in the morning.”

Southwire has a long history of manufacturing and creating tools and equipment with the electrician in mind. Southwire now extends this legacy to the seven job boxes that can keep your tools and equipment safer and more conveniently located than any other competitor in the market.

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