Powerful Bending Made Easy with the BENDMAX™ Power Bender

Many electricians dread the fatigue that comes with bending, knowing that having to bend over for long periods of time may strain their backs and possibly cause injury over time. Southwire is proud to present the BENDMAX™ power bender, a mobile, all-in-one, unique power bender for ¾”- 2” EMT, IMC, and rigid conduit that features a revolutionary elevation control. This control improves bending ergonomics, and helps improve overall safety and productivity of the electrician.

“Having the ability to bend conduit with correct posture and not slumped over with heavy conduit in your hands will definitely speed up the efficiency of any crew,” Explains Tim Bardin, Director of Equipment Products at Southwire. “We spend a lot of time in the field, studying the pain points of the electrician and how we can improve their wellbeing while helping them become more productive. The BENDMAX™ power bender is just another bending tool from Southwire that does just that.”

Southwire’s BENDMAX™ power bender offers the ability for bends to be made in a vertical or horizontal arrangement. Along with the safety benefits of using this bender, there will be no fear of losing shoes or handling a storage box full of parts. This reduces the chance of having to purchase different parts over time, saving money on replacement expenses.

The BENDMAX™ power bender allows electricians of various heights to maneuver the stand in the most comfortable and safe position for each individual. The elevation can be quickly and easily adjusted with the supplied handle or a standard 18 volt drill. Mounted on a one-piece cart with heavy duty casters and wheels, the BENDMAX™ power bender offers easy maneuverability, as well as a heavy duty conduit roller stand that is stored on board and reduces the need for additional manpower.

Southwire has a long history of designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of tools and equipment, made with the electrician in mind. Southwire now extends their legacy with the BENDMAX™ power bender, setting your crew up for safety and productivity.

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