Guide Your Workforce Where It’s Needed with Southwire’s SIMpull™ Cable Guide System

Southwire generates workforce productivity with the new SIMpull™ Cable Guide System. The innovative system eliminates the need for manual handling of feeder sized electrical power cables, allowing your crew to target other areas where work is needed. The Cable Guide System is an integrated guidance system which allows wire and cable to be routed from a reel into a conduit or cable tray without human intervention.

“Typically feeding cable is a job that can take up to five members of your crew, but the Cable Guide System can reduce the amount of manpower to only one member of your crew on the feeding end of your pull,” describes Tim Bardin, Director of Equipment Products. “This reduction of manpower means your employees can be directed towards other tasks of the job, possibly leading to huge savings and reduced time on the jobsite. The system’s benefit of eliminating manual handling of power cable will also eliminate the risk of injury and exhaustion associated with manual handling practices.”

The guide system is customizable for any wire and cable installation, ensuring your needs can be met with one piece of equipment. The Cable Guide System comes complete with a specialized storage cart for easy transport. Rollers and tracks elevate wire and cable off the ground, leading to savings by removing the tendency to drag cable on the ground, causing damage.

Southwire has a long history of developing and manufacturing innovative products with the electrician in mind. Southwire continues this legacy with the SIMpull™ Cable Guide System, an innovative way to save money and guide your workforce where it’s needed most.

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